Now-a-days in such a complex business environment; customer experience has become the need of hour for every organisation. Consumers have a great number of choices today than ever before and more channels through which to pursue them.

“Why customer experience plays a pivotal role for every organisation? Well if you don’t focus on CX; your competitors will be happy to welcome your customers.”

Organisations can soon leverage the pay offs along with tangible revenue growth; if they invest in CX now.

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Your Business Challenge >>

  • How can we improve the employee, customer, and citizen experience to foster long-term relationships and value?
  • How can we improve outcomes for our customers and stakeholders while driving purposeful growth?
  • How are we keeping up with and responding to constantly changing customer needs and expectations?
  • What are we doing to eliminate possible points of friction for our customers and provide a more relevant, personalised experience?
  • How can we better engage employees and connect them to our company’s mission?
  • How can we use technology and data to automate and orchestrate across all of our channels while also improving the consumer experience?

Our Approach & Process

Our Process

Our process focuses on both the business impact of an improved customer experience and the operational excellence to enhance a client's cost-to-income ratio.

Our Approach to Customer Experience

Our innovative methodology alters the overall customer experience strategy, producing extraordinary results that go far beyond particular function enhancements. We help clients revolutionize their organisations customer experience strategy by mastering our methodology:

Measure & Evaluate Business Impacts
The basic philosophy of our studio is to create individual, aesthetically stunning solutions for our customers by lightning-fast development of projects employing unique styles.
Develop Human-Centric Customer Experience

Human-centric designers are equipped with in-depth understanding of how customers interact with organisations. They assist clients in envisioning a future state and then accomplish breakthrough improvements necessary to achieve the target.

Map & Deliver Customer Journeys - Start to End

We help clients to focus on improving customer journeys by consolidating and coordinating multiple change initiatives that includes pooling talent and funding from across the company. These change initiatives helps to create multifunctional teams primarily focused on delivering results far greater than the sum of their parts.

Create & Drive a Customer-Centric Culture

We activate a customer-first culture and manifest clients how to make the customer experience the responsibility of every leader and employee within the organisation. Thus, it includes prioritising the importance of customer experiences, designing the right reward system, and encourage fluent communication between senior executives and front-line leaders on what teams are learning from customers.

Synchronize & Unify Customer Engagement Across Channels

Our customer experience consultants assist organisations in developing a consistent 360-degree perspective of the customer across the organisation by interacting with consumers through seamless, personalised experiences across many contact points. This involves centralising omnichannel customer experience data, implementing digital technologies to collect and analyse data in real time, and advising the best next steps.

Customer Experience Services

Digital Experience Consulting

In this era of digitisation, we all have seen businesses inclining more focus towards digital and so as customers. Indeed in this challenging digital arena, a great CX is designed with empathy and purpose that creates long term value. Now a days, customer seeks organisations that understand their behaviour based on human needs not solely on data. We’ve noticed that customer experience is narrowed down to digital experience.

See how we identify customer pain point and understand their needs and behaviour which helps us to fight for greater conversions and lower bounce rates:

  • Our team of human-centric designers, analyse and investigate user experience, report flaws in digital usability of the existing product and map a positive customer journey.

  • In case of new digital product design and development, our team ideate, prototype and test new experience to meet and exceed the customer expectations and generate positive business impacts.

  • We implement and iterate on new experiences.

  • We create designs that follow brand guidelines to achieve visual consistency across the entire digital space and inspires instant customer trust.

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CX Optimisation

NBNM team creates a cutting-edge customer experience strategies to eliminate frictions from the customer journey all the way from discovery phase to loyalty phase. Building an exceptional experience in-align to customer preferences and perceptions of values helps organisation to make the leap from a product/service-focus to a customer-focus.

  • Analyse the full customer journey; make it feel connected and relevant.

  • Identify the need and reduce the frictional elements in the customer journey.

  • Transform engaging campaigns into relationships and optimise the customer experience at human-level.

  • CX optimisation steps that we work with are: customer acquisition, customer engagement, customer conversion, after-sales communication and recurrent purchases.

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Transforming Organisation Experience

NBNM in full capacity carry a vast technology expertise in the domain of digital transformation. We truly believe that transforming the internal processes of an organisation has a great impact on overall experience.

In order to transform, organisations need to introduce human-centred mindset and culture, where customer comes first everywhere from product to brand marketing and after sales service. These changes helps organisation to build long term valuable relationships with the customers.

  • Employee Experience: Analyse and identify pain points of an employee working within the organisation. Reducing friction among employees increases engagement and productivity. Thus it helps to attract and retain talents.

  • Brand Experience: Auditing a brand helps an organisation to understand the gaps. Bridging the gaps help acquire new customers, improve brand awareness, perception and increase market share.

  • Product Experience: Identify problems in the product through market feedback and improve the product market fit. It helps in increasing the share of wallet and decrease time to market.

  • Sales Experience: Identify the problems in the transaction process and provide seamless integration to avoid delays and interruption in the payment process.

  • Customer Support Experience: Instant response time for resolving customer queries during digital journey and after-sales communication. Also quick ticket resolution and personalisation approach to improve customer experience.

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How We Can Help

  • NBNM global subject matter experts and world class design and engineering network professionals can help you solve the toughest CX challenges.

  • In-house capacity to provide full service customer experience consulting and implementation services.

  • Our CX consulting team members have proven skills sets and experience in the field of customer experience and research.

  • We’ve the ability to transform your customer experience to create long-term, sustainable value for customers, employees, the business and society.
market research & discovery
customer journey & experience mapping
Strategy Building
design & prototyping

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