In this new era of IR 4.0, enabling technology plays a vital role for accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth of organisations. Earlier, organisations relied on IT projects and applications to address business needs. In this dynamically changing business environment, they are now leveraging technologies for new discovery and playing bold bets to operate and thrive in the industry domain.

If emergence of technology has not taken place then it won’t be easy for the companies to be able to learn quickly, be more resilient to shocks, and adapt in the face of adversity. In this new paradigm shift powered by technology and harnessed by people; there is an accelerated need for the companies to intentionally combine human and technological capabilities.

Our Approach & Process

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Our Approach to Technology Consulting

Our approach to digital, technology and data consulting follows six key stages i.e. Understand, Assess, Identify, Recommend, Execute and Evolve.

Our Implementation Process

As market dynamics forces are shifting, we flip “Standard Implementation Cycle” and positioning ourselves as your technology advocates and implementation partners. We break-down complex implementation challenges through the support of our subject matter experts or our technology implementation partners. Below are the step-by-step implementation process that help us in breaking complex problems at ease: 

Statement of Work

Our association journey starts with a simple conversation. We listen to your business challenges and learn about your industry, identify competition and meet your expectations with technology consulting. During our detailed discussions, we may gather enough information to move into development phase. If not, we'll undertake our investigation to delve into your problems and map out potential solutions.


Discovery phase is to produce a statement of work (SOW). In your SOW's, we'll be in a position to lucidly map out the exact deliverables and the time frame needed to complete the tasks in the project. 

After signing an agreement on mutual understanding for the completion of the project, we assign our consultants to your account. We'll also walk you through our meeting cadences, messaging, expectations, and any other details you'll need to follow your project to completion.  


After setting up the foundation of the project, we move into the development phase. That's when our team of veteran consultants step-in to execute your project. 

Communication & Engagement

We can schedule weekly meetings to update you on your project progress and clear communication at every stage. Also you can track the deliverables defined at the start of the project through project management system.

Keeping an hawk-eye to track your project ensures you're never in the dark about the progress of your project. Our turnaround time to respond any of your queries regarding the project is less than 24 hours.   


Before the final deployment of the project, we'll reach out to talk about your experience with the project. We'll also discuss any new improvements you may need and share suggestions designed to support your future business growth.

Post-discussion we'll go for final deployment and test the project. Once implementation is completed as per the detailed SOW, we'll either start the new project or move into a TMO arrangements. 


Finally, we request all our clients for anonymous reviews so that the evaluation process remains unbiased with genuine experience of the product. After collecting the feedbacks, we will implement the change in technology for better experience.    

Technology Consulting Services

NBNM consultants keep track on market shifts and help you integrate right technology into your overall business strategy. New technology integrations enables you to take leverage of opportunities it creates such as moving into new market and generating more revenues.     

Our goal is to align your existing IT assets with the current market demand and anticipated business needs.

Scope of Service:
  • Evaluate your existing IT governance effectiveness and the current state of your IT environment i.e. infrastructure complexity, applications, integrations, databases, data warehouses, and development infrastructure.
  • Addressing to your business needs; we outline a high level IT strategy and align IT resources accordingly.
  • Planning out the strategic initiatives to achieve the desired outcomes by performing activities i.e. software development, application development, application modernisation, migration and re-architecting
  • Prioritising the initiatives based on the need of hour and expected return on investment.
  • Providing deliverables and cost estimations for successful implementation of each initiative.
Our goal is to improve your organisational efficiency by planning, prioritising and guiding your digital transformation initiatives.

Transformation Service Offerings:
  • Digital Customer Experience: It is highly dependent on the maturity of its digital channels in six key areas (i.e. Channel Flexibility, Reachability, Service Convenience, Purchase Convenience, Simplicity and ease of use, Personalisation) assessed from the customers prospective. DX services are e-commerce, digitisation of in-store experience and immersive digital experience.
  • Digital Supply Chain: It includes range of digital services like Inventory Management, Order Management, E – Procurement, and demand forecasting
  • Digital Customer Support: It includes range of services like Multichannel Support Desks, Remote Support and AI-powered Chatbot.
  • Industry 4.0: It includes range of services like Production Optimisation, Preventive Maintenance, Digital Twins, Quality Control.
  • Digital Work Environment: It include range of services like Workflow Automation, Team Collaboration, Remote Work and E-learning.
Our goal is to design and develop the technology with the best value and cost of ownership. Also, keep your applications updated on timely basis as per the market needs.

Scope of Service:
  • Analysing your business needs as per the current market forces and mapping out software functionality.
  • Identifying the solution that adhere to the business need either a custom made or a platform-based solution (taking important parameters into consideration i.e budget, number of users, the existing software ecosystem and more).
  • If a platform a based solution is a best choice: then recommending the best-fit platform for solving the business problem and creating a functional specification with configuration, customisation and other third party integration details.
  • If custom based solution is the best choice for solving the business problem then planning the resilient architecture, prototyping the solution and defining the project skills and roles required for implementing the right solution.
  • Training for end users to ensure software adoption.
  • Software support and maintenance.

Service Scope for Application Support:
  • Continuous updation and integration of functional capabilities of your application in sync with the emerging market demands and improving UX on timely basis.
  • Continuous monitoring of your application performance.
  • Resolving incidents that may occur due to functional updations and applying the root cause analysis to prevent recurrence of incident.
  • Auditing and patching application security.
NBNM’s goal towards application modernisation is to increase the value of your business through enhancements or introducing modern technology solutions into your existing application.

Scope of Service:
  • We analyse the cost of of ownership for applications and checking for cost reduction opportunities.
  • Updating and migrating the applications to cloud and Web3.
  • Replatforming the existing applications.
  • We do re-architecting of the existing applications to achieve better scalability and flexibility.
  • Code Refactoring.
  • Map and redesign the user experience for customers and internal users.
Our goal is to coordinate activities of single or multiple IT projects to achieve faster project workflow and achieve quality results.

Scope of Service:
  • Planning the lifecycle of the project.
  • Detailed budgeting and clearly define deliverables of the project on time..
  • Organising and managing the communication between project participants.
  • Continuous monitoring and continuous improvement enhances the performance of the project.
Our prime goal for IT operations consulting is to build a resilient and sustainable IT capabilities able to support the foundational pillars of business plan.

Scope of Service:
  • Detect IT operational inefficiencies (in supply chain management, procurement, manufacturing, service operations, ITSM, etc.) and design a tailor-made operational solution.
  • Detailed analysis of existing hardwares, softwares and third party service providers to plot comparison analysis with other alternatives.
  • Mapping and Planning out the best practices to eradicate inefficiencies, speeding up operations, and reduce cost of your IT operations (i.e. automating processes, migrating IT infrastructure to the cloud).
  • To build an IT change management practices.
  • Use industries best practices to setup development infrastructure and environment (i.e. CI/CD pipeline, team collaboration tools and issues tracking etc..).
  • Bulletproofing the security of IT infrastructure.
Our prime goal for offering service in IT infrastructure management is to ensure sustainability, flexibility and scalability of your IT infrastructure.

Scope of Service:
  • Keeping an hawk-eye to monitor the servers, networks, data centres, cloud services and applications.
  • 24×7 help desk support.
  • Root cause analysis and incident prevention. In case of unexpected incidents, immediate troubleshooting support.
  • Detailed auditing of your IT infrastructure security and patching detected vulnerabilities.
NBNM’s main goal is to identify the gaps and find new opportunities to improve efficiency, security, compliance and reduce the cost of IT Infrastructure.

Assessment of IT Components:
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Data Storage Infrastructure
  • Cloud Services
  • Business Applications
  • Network Security
  • IT policies and procedure
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We are working in the format of an outsourcing project office. We assume operational coordination and control over the compliance with all project implementation parameters that ensures the execution of works on time.

Integrating of innovation and public benefit into your workflows; ensuring strategic and sustainable development of your organization from project.

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